Sidwell Studios: Blog en-us (C) Sidwell Studios, LLC [email protected] (Sidwell Studios) Tue, 25 May 2021 23:54:00 GMT Tue, 25 May 2021 23:54:00 GMT Remembering Steve Fox Steve Fox and Kim Sidwell at the Amendment 64 victory party on election night 2012, the night Colorado legalized marijuana.Steve & KimSteve Fox and Kim Sidwell at the Amendment 64 victory party on election night 2012, the night Colorado legalized marijuana. I’ve always loved this photo of Steve and I taken at Casselman’s the night Colorado passed Amendment 64. I'm usually too busy behind the camera to get pics with other people, but I’m glad I stopped shooting long enough to get this one. I’ll always cherish it and the memories it preserves.

Steve Fox was someone I really looked up to… literally, because he was super-tall and figuratively, because I respected his work ethic, intelligence and the way he treated others. I met him very early on in my cannabis career and, from the moment I met him, he was nothing but kind and respectful.

When we first met, as I was only beginning my work in cannabis, I probably came across as a silly young girl randomly following everyone around with a camera, but he treated me as an equal from day one. He showed a sincere interest and appreciation for my work and even went so far as to introduce me to a few other people I now call friends.

His support and respect meant the world to me, although I never told him that, beyond a simple “thank you”. That simple “thank you” doesn’t cut it. The direct and indirect impact he’s had on me personally cannot be overstated… nor can my gratitude for his contributions and friendship.

He helped accomplish more in his life than most of us can only dream of. Despite the fact that he never seemed motivated by getting ‘credit’ for his work, every dispensary owner, bud tender, product manufacturer, cannabis influencer and even every cannabis consumer in Colorado (and elsewhere) owes Steve their utmost respect.

To say he’ll be missed is an understatement. I’m so sorry to hear of his passing and I offer my sincerest condolence to his family and loved ones. Rest In Peace, Steve.

Learn more about Steve and his incredible contributions in this 9news story featuring some of my favorite images I've taken of Steve over the years...


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NEW PROJECT COMING SOON: Tiny Planet Photographs TinyPlanetPhotographs_CannabisCameraTinyPlanetPhotographs_CannabisCameraTiny Planet Photographs By Kim Sidwell

Cannabis Camera owner, Kim Sidwell is launching a new project... stay tuned for some super weird and quirky new images coming soon to! ...follow on Instagram to see new images as they're released!

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Join Kim on Clubhouse! If you're on Clubhouse and want to keep up with my ramblings, feel free to follow me on the app!  (P.S. I've got some extra invites... if you need one, just message me on Instagram!)


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New Publication: Forbes Psilocybrand Feature Checkout one of our headshots of Cannabrand owner, Olivia Mannix, recently featured in Forbes! Olivia is launching a new marketing agency focused on the psychedelics industry. Check out for more info!

Excerpt “from the article: “Things are crumbling, structures are changing,” explained Mannix when asked why she felt compelled to launch Psilocybrand, a sister agency to Cannabrand. “This is an opportunity to help wake people up through psychedelics and learn and expand and better their lives and family’s lives. This is for people who are really stuck and have tried therapy and antidepressants. It’s for them to break free of the confines of their mind and [help them] be the person they want to be.”

Forbes Psilocybrand FeatureForbes Psilocybrand FeatureFounder of CannaBrand, Olivia Mannix, photographed by Cannabis Camera, is featured in Forbes article about the launch of PsilocyBrand, Mannix’s new psychedelic marketing agency.

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Governor Declares Colorado Hemp Week It is now officially Colorado Hemp Week in the state of Colorado!

It feels great to have our local leaders acknowledging the importance of this amazing, but once prohibited plant! Huge thanks to our friends and fellow cannabis advocates, Samantha Walsh and Ean Seeb for their work on this project!

via Governor Jared Polis: “Colorado was the first state in the nation to bring back the cultivation of hemp after 75 years of prohibition and we lead the nation in industrial hemp production acreage. Hemp is a necessary agricultural commodity to promote conservation and hemp products can provide sustainable solutions and options for consumers and businesses. Happy Colorado Hemp Week!”

ColoradoHempHistoryWeekColoradoHempHistoryWeekJared Polis Declares Colorado Hemp Week







WHEREAS, Colorado was the first state in the nation to bring back the cultivation of hemp after 75 years of prohibition and


WHEREAS, Colorado leads the nation in industrial hemp production acreage; and


WHEREAS, Colorado held the first historic hemp harvest since the crop was reintroduced; and


WHEREAS, Colorado  has long recognized the strong economic potential that hemp production offers our agricultural sector as a food, fiber and cannabinoid producer and the increasing consumer demand for hemp products in Colorado; and


WHEREAS, Colorado has been a national leader in developing public policies that support hemp production, protect farmers and consumers, and treat hemp as an important agricultural product and not a controlled substance; and


WHEREAS, Colorado was the first state in the nation to recognize hemp as a food product and agricultural commodity: and


WHEREAS, Colorado is committed to expanding research and development of the hemp industry with a Hemp Center of Excellence: and


WHEREAS, Colorado is committed to building strong hemp businesses that empty thousands of people across our state: and


WHEREAS, Hemp is a necessary agricultural commodity to promote conservation; and


WHEREAS, Hemp products can provide sustainable solutions and options for consumers; and businesses;


Therefore, I, Jared Polis, Governor of the State of Colorado do hereby proclaim the period between Jun 6, 2020 and June 13 2020 as 


COLORADO HEMP WEEK in the state of Colorado.


GIVEN under my hand and the Executive Seal of the State of Colorado, this sixth day of June, 2020


Jared Polis




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We Upgraded the Bud Booth! CannabisCameraBudBooth_InflatablePhotoBoothEnclosureCannabisCameraBudBooth_InflatablePhotoBoothEnclosureCannabis Camera Bud Booth Inflatable Enclosure

We got an awesome new upgrade for the Bud Booth! ...a super sweet looking inflatable photo booth enclosure, so now we can do open or closed booths at events!

Finally got to break it out for the first time at this week's 420 Headies of State Dinner and the crowd loved it! We really did break it in properly... let's just say that after working such a dank Denver 420 event, it no longer has that new plastic smell 😃!

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Cannabis Camera Photographs Top 24 Industry Leaders for Sensi Magazine's First Cover Story! Sensi MagazineSensi MagazineCannabis Camera shoots headshots of several of the industries strongest leaders for Sensi Magazine's pioneers in cannabis issue


There's a new cannabis magazine hitting the streets... say hello to Sensi Magazine! We've had a blast working with publishers this month to help create some awesome images for several articles and the cover of their first issue.

The cover story for this first issue features 24 individuals who have made significant contributions to the growth and success of Colorado's cannabis industry. We had the pleasure of working with each of these "pioneers" in our studio in Downtown Denver to create a cohesive set of headshots and make sure this article was published with the professional aesthetic Sensi is striving to achieve.

We also created the cover image for this issue featuring America's first black dispensary owner, Wanda James. Click here to view the cover photo and read the article.

Huge high fives to these 24 exceptional cannabis leaders!  

  1. Wanda James
  2. Teri Robnett
  3. Jane West
  4. Shawn Coleman
  5. Mason Tvert
  6. Ricardo Baca
  7. Mike Elliott
  8. Art Way
  9. Tripp Keber
  10. Brian Vicente
  11. Christian Sederberg
  12. Miguel Lopez
  13. Larisa Bolivar
  14. Chris Woods
  15. Rachel Gillette
  16. Hyler Fortier
  17. Hunter Garth
  18. Aaron Smith
  19. Tyler Dahm
  20. Jessica Billingsley
  21. Amy Poinsett
  22. Ean Seeb
  23. Kayvan Khalatbari
  24. Jonathan Singer




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We're Producing an Historical Photography Exhibit for NCIA's 5th Anniversary Banquet in Las Vegas! CannabisCamera_NCIAAnniversaryExhibitCannabisCamera_NCIAAnniversaryExhibitCannabis Camera Photography Exhibit at NCIA's 5th Anniversary Gala in Las Vegas


After five years of work documenting fundraisers, press conferences, lobbying efforts, networking events, parties and conferences for The National Cannabis Industry Association, I'm pleased to announce that I'll be producing a rare Cannabis Camera photo exhibit to be displayed during NCIA's upcoming 5th Anniversary Banquet in Las Vegas.

This exhibit will be on display for one night only during NCIA's Anniversary Banquet next week and focuses on the hard work and growth of NCIA's staff as they grew from the ground up to become the most powerful industry organization in the cannabis industry ...just one more reason to get tickets to this amazing event before it sells out! Check it out and get tickets at the link below! 

NCIA's 5th Anniversary Banquet is being held in conjunction with the upcoming MJBizCon conference and will take place on November 11th at The Vortex in the The LINQ Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas! 

Looking Back, Moving Forward: A Photographic Retrospective, Presented By at NCIA's Fifth Anniversary Banquet in Las Vegas

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Cannabis Camera Signs On With SexPot Comedy! We're super-excited to announce that we've signed on to shoot Sexpot Comedy's monthly shows at The Oriental Theater for the rest of the year! 

With a classic Denver venue, talented comedians, and a super-happy crowd all rolled up into a cannabis friendly laugh-fest... this is absolutely a dream-gig for us... seriously, one of the best jobs ever!

Huge thanks to Sexy Pizza, Denver Relief, incredibles Chocolate and Infused products, Renegade Brewing CompanyPabst Blue Ribbon and everyone else who turns out to make these events so special!

If you haven't experienced one of these shows yet, we HIGHLY recommend checking it out asap... their next show just happens to be TONIGHT featuring comedian, Andy Kindler and it's poised to be the best one so far! Don't miss it!

CannabisCamera_SexPotComedyCannabisCamera_SexPotComedySexPot Comedy Photography By Cannabis Camera

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LA Times Conservative Cannabis Allies Publication Cannabis Camera Los Angeles Times PublicationCannabis Camera Los Angeles Times PublicationOne of Cannabis Camera's images of cannabis lobbyist, Michael Correia at NCIA's lobby days is featured in The Los Angeles Times

Checkout our newest publication at The Los Angeles Times featuring our image of The National Cannabis Industry Association's most recent addition, conservative cannabis lobbyist, Michael Correia (photographed at NCIA's Lobby Days in Washington DC).

Excerpt from article: "Correia’s association, for example, recently formed an alliance with Grover Norquist, the anti-tax activist who runs Americans for Tax Reform. In the fall, Norquist stood at a news conference with a longtime nemesis, Rep. Earl Blumenauer (D-Ore.), one of the most liberal members of Congress, to promote a measure that would allow marijuana enterprises to deduct business expenses from their taxes."

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