New Publication: Forbes Psilocybrand Feature

October 19, 2020  •  Leave a Comment

Checkout one of our headshots of Cannabrand owner, Olivia Mannix, recently featured in Forbes! Olivia is launching a new marketing agency focused on the psychedelics industry. Check out for more info!

Excerpt “from the article: “Things are crumbling, structures are changing,” explained Mannix when asked why she felt compelled to launch Psilocybrand, a sister agency to Cannabrand. “This is an opportunity to help wake people up through psychedelics and learn and expand and better their lives and family’s lives. This is for people who are really stuck and have tried therapy and antidepressants. It’s for them to break free of the confines of their mind and [help them] be the person they want to be.”

Forbes Psilocybrand FeatureForbes Psilocybrand FeatureFounder of CannaBrand, Olivia Mannix, photographed by Cannabis Camera, is featured in Forbes article about the launch of PsilocyBrand, Mannix’s new psychedelic marketing agency.


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